13 Jul 2015

City on the river

About work:
Art direction/supervision/concept/matte paint/shading & lighting/render/compositing

18 Mar 2015

Leo Golittsyn

About work:
shading & lighting/render/particles/compositing
Bavaria Malt
CG bottle

About work:
shading & lighting/render/compositing

17 Feb 2015


About work:
Art direction/concept/matte paint/shading & lighting/render/compositing/supervision

16 Feb 2015

Magic Gardens

About work:
Art direction/concept/shading & lighting/render/compositing/supervision

17 Jul 2014


This project was done without me. But I was asked to make one shot for a studio demo reel. Well, that's it..
Still frame
Robot from matahari on Vimeo.

About work:
shading & lighting/render/compositing

16 Jul 2014


The director asked me to create cinematics for our studio.
Matte paint
Still frames

password: private

About work:
i did it)

8 Jul 2014


According to the plan she had to go to different interiors, which in turn would be replaced each other. One of these was the Roman Opera. As a result, it was not approved but it was a pity to throw such a beautiful interior. In particular, the perspective was not finalized and the reflection in the mirror, but still turned atmospheric.
Still frame
Camera Mapping

3 other interior were made and counted in 3D. Without matte paint. I did two of them, but there's nothing special. Now is the studio version, and while I will not load because there is still much work.

About work:
matte paint/camera mapping/ render/compositing

26 Feb 2014


Very cool project as i find. According to the brief it was necessary to create a miniature city. Which would have been made ​​of paper. By city had to drive racing paper cars  and in the final, this whole paper world was transformed into a real.

ONLIME from matahari on Vimeo.

About the work:
Concept paper town/modeling/animation/crowds/shading & lighting/compositing/particles
After project i was art direction studio version.

17 Feb 2014


And yes! It was a great work to create two commercials for Raffaello. The first movie was created for the new year. The second under the February 14 and March 8. On this project for past things I just played the role of art director. I wanted to create a very atmospheric visuals. And of course taken into account the client's wishes.

Raffaello winter

Raffaello 2014 from matahari on Vimeo.

 Raffaello Spring

My concept/still frame

About the work:
Creating concept/modeling/camera/animation/shading & lighting/compositing/particles/art direction/supervision

5 Feb 2014

28 Nov 2013

Concept to advertising

21 Oct 2013

The Motherland Calls
is a statue in Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd, Russia, commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. It was designed by sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich and structural engineer Nikolai Nikitin, and declared the largest statue in the world in 1967.

27 Sep 2013

The Romanovs

The Romanovs from matahari on Vimeo.


The first concept for this projects created by Vyacheslav Novikov.
In the process of creating video changed tree and it now had to grow. Remained unchanged only the ending which was created by Vyacheslav Novikov and after animating and rendering by me.
About the work:
Creating concept/modeling/camera/animation/shading & lighting/compositing/particles/art direction/supervision